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MATLAB Matlab polynomial interpolation

  1. Jun 15, 2011 #1
    I have this function (1-6*x^2)^-1 and i want to polynomial interpolation (lagrange and spline) in 21 equidistant points [-1,1]
    I made this function

    x =linspace(-1,1,21);
    y = (1-6*x^2)^-1;

    plot(z,(1-6*x^2)^-1, z, p, z, s);

    and I receive error at y = (1-6*x^2)^-1;
    if I use a function with x only instead of x^2 it works.
    How can I fix it?
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    I don't have much experience using matlab, but your problem might be that you need parentheses around your exponent, like so.
    y = (1-6*x^2)^(-1);
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    doesn t work it says something that matrix must be square
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    It needs to be x.^2 not x^2

    x^2 is literally taking the matrix x and multiplying it by itself (which you can't), x.^2 is squaring every element in x
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    thanks it worked
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