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Matlab: Saving and Running M-files

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    I've noticed a weird thing that Matlab does whenever I save my m-file then try to run it. If I save my M-file with a simple file name like "HW4" or "untitlited" it will run. However if i save my m-file as file name HW#4_3.40 (I just wanted to label the file with the problem # from the text I'm using), the option for run is not highlighted and it doesn't work if I do command run HW#4_3.40. I also made sure that the target directory is correct. When I check the folder I saved the m-file file name HW#4_3.40 is detected by windows as an unknown file, while other files with simple names is detected as m-file.

    I searched a little to maybe find out if this is a bug or something. I'm somewhat new to matlab so I'm not sure if there are some restrictions to filenames for m-files. Also I am using Matlab R2006a.
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    Try taking out the hashes from the filename.
    http://www.caspur.it/risorse/softappl/doc/matlab_help/techdoc/matlab_prog/ch8_pr15.html [Broken]
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    Thanks for the link. I tried taking out the #, but it didn't work. I played around with isvarname to test the file names. Guess it doesn't like periods or even hyphens. I did find a way around this by going to the folder the file is saved in and adding a ".m" to the end of the filename, but that's somewhat annoying to keep doing.
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    When you enter the file's name to be saved, the dialog box will automatically append .m, but only if there are no other periods already in the file name.

    - Warren
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