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[MATLAB] Simple Undamped Forced Vibration Problem

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    Hi Folks,

    I am trying to replicate a solution in Matlab for the following problem ##\displaystyle \ddot x + \frac{k}{m}x = \frac{F_o}{m} \sin w_ot##

    using 2 first order linear differential equations in Matlab as shown below

    tspan=[0 4];
    y0=[.02;1]; %Initial Conditions for y(1)=x and y(2)= x dot
    [t,y]=ode45(@forced1,tspan,y0); %Calls forced1.m
    plot(t,y(:,2)); %y(:,1) represents the displacement and y(:,2) the velocity
    grid on
    title('Displacement Vs Time')
    hold on;

    function yp = forced1(t,y)

    yp = [y(2);(((f/m)*sin(w*t))-((k/m)*y(1)))];

    The problem is I dont know whether Matlab considers both the complementary and particular solution. THe theoretical solution is given as

    ##\displaystyle x=A \sin w_nt +B \cos w_nt+ \frac{\frac{F_o}{k}}{1-(\frac{w_o}{w_n})^2} \sin w_ot##

    where the 3rd term is the particular solution assumed of the form ##x_p=C \sin w_o t##. I am not sure how to implement this correctly in Matlab

    Any ideas?

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    Have you confirmed that MATLAB isn't giving you this answer back? It should be easy to check the output of ode45 against that form with a few plots.

    Does that particular solution arise as a result of boundary conditions?
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