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Maybe nursing wasn't the right choice

  1. Apr 16, 2012 #1
    Just as a warning: I'm functioning on very little sleep right now, so my apologies in advance if I don't make much sense at times. :)

    I am currently more than halfway through a nursing program, partly because AP credits covered much of the core curriculum at my school. To put it bluntly, several of my professors said I would be bored with nursing, as did a few nurses I shadowed about a year ago. I confess that I mainly chose nursing because of my family and our financial state. The possibility of landing a job shortly after graduation is very likely for me. I want to help my family, but I still feel like I made a mistake. In the end it was my choice, so I really shouldn't complain.

    That brings me to my main reason for writing this today... I declared a chemistry minor recently, and I'm in love. (Don't forget physiology, microbiology, and probability & statistics!) I plan on taking general chemistry I and II, calculus I and II, and organic chemistry I over the summer. Biochemistry is optional for the minor, but I'm going to take it eventually. I hope to go back to a different university after I am through with the nursing program, and possibly apply for a biophysics MD/PhD program. I'm not even 20 and planning to stay in school forever. :) I'm fortunate in that two of my former science professors offered to write me letters of recommendation, and so did a surgeon I know quite well. I'm aware that experience in a clinical setting/research is extremely important.

    1. Could you suggest textbooks and resources online (etc.) that could help me get more out of the classes I will take over the summer? (I frequently visit MIT's OCW and Khan Academy.)

    2. Do you think my background in nursing will be frowned upon, even if I learned from my mistakes by giving into my traditional family?
    (The truth is that I didn't have my "ah ha!" moment with math and science until about two years ago. I've always done well in those subjects, but I never came to really appreciate the elegance of them.)

    3. I am interested in Harvard for the MD/PhD program. "Courses in math, calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, and biochemistry would provide an ideal background for a student’s coursework in specialized areas of biophysics." (http://www.gsas.harvard.edu/hils/biophysics.html) Could you give me some suggestions for a major/double major when I go back to school after I'm done with the nursing program?

    4. Any more advice you want to give me?

    Thank you very much, this really is a wonderful site.
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    Dunno, but it sounds like you might be able to find a happy medium in clinical research.

    My wife is a doula, recently retired because she's become more fascinated with clinical trials and research, which she does through the hospital. She often deals directly with patients who volunteer for the trials, so it takes advantage of both aspects of her knowledge.

    She's in her 50's so it's not like you have to do it all in your early years.

    Not much help beyond that.
  4. Apr 16, 2012 #3
    You're planning to take 5 courses this summer?? That's an awful lot. I think most people take one or two courses over the summer. Don't underestimate the work that is needed for these courses...

    A good resource for calculus are Pauls notes: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/ Check them out!

    I do think you'll find some people who will frown upon your nursing background. But try to ignore those people. Don't spend much time on what other people think of you, it's useless.
  5. Apr 16, 2012 #4
    You may want to consider some Advanced Practice nursing opportunities before you go in a completely different direction.
    My wife is nearly finished with her master's and will be a CRNA (Nurse anesthetist), and she is looking at a salary well into the six figures.
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