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Mcnp error the new source has overrun the old source

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    mcnp error "the new source has overrun the old source"

    I am a beginner with MCNP. This error really confused me. Who knows what this error means? Thank you.
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    And the error is really tricky. When I set 5000 source histories per cycle on KCODE card, the error appeared every time at source particle no. 5688, and only one inactive cycle has run. But when I set 1000 source histories per cycle, the error disappeared, and MCNP seems run well. This really makes me confused. Does it imply any error in my input file?
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    dear, you just put a fifth entry in kcode. if your number of particles is 5000, then put 5000*2 = 10000 or 15000 as fifth entry in your kcode. then see how it works........
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