MCNP6 BURN -- Testing about burnable poison depletion

In summary, the conversation discusses using mcnp6 for burnable poison depletion calculations. The initial fuel composition is given as m1 with uranium and oxygen isotopes, and m12 with gadolinium and oxygen isotopes for the burnable poison. However, this caused a fatal error and the user had to use the omit option to exclude certain nuclides that use physics models instead of data tables. The conversation then mentions the possibility of turning on advanced physics or installing ENDF-VIII to see if it has data for the gadolinium isotopes.
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Hello, I'm testing about burnable poison depletion with mcnp6.

I'm using
m1 92233.82c -7.91619E-01
90232.82c -8.75802E-02
8016.82c -1.20800E-01
for fuel

m12 64152.82c -1.39023E-03 $ gd-152
64154.82c -1.53529E-02 $ gd-154
64155.82c -2.39616E-01 $ gd-155
64156.82c -1.46035E-01 $ gd-156
64157.82c -2.56647E-01 $ gd-157
64158.82c -1.79482E-01 $ gd-158
64160.82c -1.59950E-01 $ gd-160
8016.82c -1.52669E-03 $ o-16
for burnable poison.
but this caused fatal error
The following nuclides use physics models rather than data tables:

6014. c
7016. c
8018. c
9018. c
64151. c
64159. c
66157. c
66159. c
so I used omit option
omit= -1 8 6014 7016 8018 9018 64151 64159 66157 66159
Then It works, but, I want calculate gadolinia (64151, 64159)..
how can I do this?
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Have you tried turning the advanced physics on instead of using the omit line? You could check the decay products Tb-151 and Eu-159 are being produced.

It might be fine as it is. Unless the capture cross section is huge it might not affect the answer much.

Another option might be to install ENDF-VIII and see if it has data for those isotopes.

1. What is MCNP6 BURN and how is it used in burnable poison depletion testing?

MCNP6 BURN is a Monte Carlo N-Particle code used for simulating the transport of particles through a medium. It can be used to model burnable poison depletion in nuclear reactors by simulating the transport of neutrons and tracking their interactions with burnable poisons.

2. What is a burnable poison and why is it important to deplete it?

A burnable poison is a material that absorbs neutrons in a nuclear reactor. It is important to deplete the burnable poison because it helps control the rate of fission reactions and ensures the reactor operates safely and efficiently.

3. How does MCNP6 BURN simulate burnable poison depletion?

MCNP6 BURN uses a depletion algorithm to simulate the depletion of burnable poisons. This algorithm takes into account the neutron flux, cross-sections of the burnable poison, and other parameters to calculate the depletion rate.

4. What are the benefits of using MCNP6 BURN for burnable poison depletion testing?

Using MCNP6 BURN for burnable poison depletion testing allows for accurate and detailed simulations of the depletion process. This can help researchers and engineers better understand the behavior of burnable poisons in nuclear reactors and make informed decisions about reactor design and operation.

5. Are there any limitations or challenges in using MCNP6 BURN for burnable poison depletion testing?

One limitation of using MCNP6 BURN for burnable poison depletion testing is that it requires a significant amount of computational resources and can be time-consuming. Additionally, the accuracy of the simulations depends on the accuracy of the input parameters and assumptions made in the model.