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Mean Orbital Separation Question

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    So it was basic to figure out the masses and such, but I'm not exactly sure what the "orbital separation" really is? Can someone enlighten me? Here is the question for reference:

    A moon with a mass one quarter that of its parent planet orbits that
    planet with a period of 12 days. The mass of the planet is twice that of
    Pluto. What is the mean orbital separation of the planet and its moon?

    Thanks for any help.
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    planet = 2Pluto
    moon = .25 * 2Pluto = 0.5Pluto
    total system mass = 2.5 Pluto

    Google for Pluto's mass

    Once you have it, you can algebraically re-write the Period formula P=2pi*sqrt(a3)/GM) to solve for a, the semi-major axis, which should equal to your orbital seperation in a circular orbit, or your average orbital distance when averaged over longitude rather than time. There's a couple of calculators on this page: http://orbitsimulator.com/formulas/ that will do it for you. The 3rd one is the Period formula, and the 4th one is this formula re-written to solve for "a".
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    Great, thanks alot ...that link is very helpful
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