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Mechanism to move things around

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    Hi. I am working on a project that requires moving a small camera on a platform in a linear fashion. I have a rectangular board and this camera need to move from one end to the other controlled by an arduino or something similar. I don't even know how to begin to approach this problem. I am thinking of something like a rail that can be controlled by a micro controller. Can someone please give me some pointers? Thanks!!!
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    Some search terms that will find lots of relevant results:

    linear motor
    rack and pinion
    slider crank
    power screw

    Then add arduino to the search term for more specific examples & instructions.

    Once you know what you need (speed, power, accuracy, range etc) and have specific questions we can help further.
    Maybe something very simple like a regular rotary servo, a bit of string and a rubber band would work. Without knowing your specs it's impossible to give advice :smile:
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    If you dont need great accuracy perhaps take a look at a sail winch used for model boats. The interface to the arduino should be simple.
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