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Mechanisms of synapse regulation via astrocytes

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    theoretical modeling approach

    PLoS Computational Biology article “A Tale of Two Stories: Astrocyte Regulation of Synaptic Depression and Facilitation” by Maurizio De Pittà, Vladislav Volman, Hugues Berry & Eshel Ben-Jacob
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    The role of glia in synaptic plasticity gets revisited every so often as if it's totally new. There's literature dating back at least 20 years on the topic. I dabbled in this area of research years ago, but ran into technical difficulties that hindered progress and I ended up just dropping it when I couldn't find a way around those problems. I keep hoping every time a manuscript crosses my desk that someone has found a way to get further. Do you have a more complete citation for this so I can look up the article? I'm still interested in the topic, even if not actively pursuing it any more.
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    It's always a question to me when I model a neural network, "what determines the neuron's properties". I just set them constant based on experimental and/or theoretical considerations. The computational neurogenetics approach puts a genetic network within each neuron so that some underlying network produces the neuron's electrophysiological properties (as a function of time and/or 'environment' now instead of constant), but astrocytes have an interesting electrophysiological relationship with neurons already through gap junctions, now we have another important member of the network, rather than as a sub-network.

    I wonder how many studies that use gap junction openers/closers are ignorantly affecting neuro-glial interactions (rather than neuro-neuro reactions that are generally reported).

    Here's the doi and such:

    De Pittà M, Volman V, Berry H, Ben-Jacob E (2011) A Tale of Two Stories: Astrocyte Regulation of Synaptic Depression and Facilitation. PLoS Comput Biol 7(12): e1002293. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002293
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