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Metamathematical Analysis of Physics Formulae

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    http://pirate.shu.edu/~jakistan/". Hence the appeal to metamathematics. For example, that the wave equation for light has the same form as the wave equation for sound waves should tell us more than "These are just waves." It should tell us that light and matter are related at an even deeper level than currently proposed light-matter interaction theories like QED would suggest. Basically, we would do the "physics of mathematics" and not the current "physics with mathematics."

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    Hi Geremia. Welcome to the board. I guess your post is intentionally ambiguous perhaps because you’re looking for some focus. Your concern as I understand it is that there is a strong relationship between physics and mathematics and rather than suggest mathematics is used to describe physics, one might suggest that the reverse might somehow be more pertinent.

    In his book “The Road to Reality”, Penrose writes,
    In other words, physics can be described with mathematics. Anything objectively physical (ie: anything objectively measurable) follows some kind of mathematical rule. Penrose also points out that humans should, in principal, be able to access the entirety of mathematics, but not all mathematics is applicable to physics.

    Regarding your point:
    Certainly there is a fundamental similarity between things that oscilate. Regardless of whether that thing that is oscilating is an electron, or a mass on a spring, the causal influences at work (in this case, forces acting on a mass) will produce analogous phenomena and therefore produce similar mathematical equations. Perhaps that tells us something about the intrinsic nature of forces, such as the linear nature of force (ie: doubling the force doubles acceleration?). I don't know if there's anything worthwhile there or not.

    Does that help at all?
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