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Meteorite Identification (xkcd, funny)

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    Today's xkcd:

    Meteorite[/PLAIN] [Broken] Identification

    [Source: http://www.xkcd.com/1723/]

    Clicking on the image gives you a link to an actual flowchart:

    Self-Test Check-List
    {image does not support hot-linking, so I removed direct link to flowchart. Click on source to get there.}
    [Source: http://meteorites.wustl.edu/check-list.htm]

    Note that the node, "Did someone see it fall," "Yes" points to "Not a meteorite." This is not a mistake. Ha! o0) :biggrin:

    [Edit: the actual flowchart image might not display correctly in this thread, but if you click on the xkcd image or the provided source link, you can get to it that way.]
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    And there is no "no" answer.
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    o_O Where at? I don't see an optional 'no' arrow for that question.
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    That's what I meant. From "Did someone see it fall?", there is just an outgoing "yes" answer.
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