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  1. Wandelgart

    B Funny similarities between a ball and the expanding universe

    A rubber ball is bouncing on a flat surface. Every time it bounces, it loses energy, while the sound of the ball hitting the surface accelerates (because the intervals of the ball impacting the surface become shorter with each bounce). The ball seems to be accelerating when, in fact, it is...
  2. RooksAndBooks

    News 30% of Republicans: Bomb Aladdin's City

    While coming across online news, I saw an article by the Independent saying that they support the bombing of Agrabah. If you do not know what that is, it's the location where the movie Aladdin took place. This, of course, is a fictional city so I was laughing hysterically. Now, I know not every...
  3. B

    Math Pun

    Can anyone think of a math nickname for the name "Khalil"? Thank you!
  4. Alexandre

    Funny thing I've found in David Griffiths QM textbook

    I really like the book, its the first physics textbook that I liked actually. But I've found a minor error. On page 8 (chapter 1 The Wave Function) it says that if you sum deviations from average of a random variable you'd get zero because " Δj is as often negative as positive", here's the...
  5. O

    Funny Physics Commercial I can't find it

    There is this commercial where a guy was falling asleep in physics class, the professor calls his name and asks him what's the answer to a theoretical problem the professor has on the board. The guy looks around confused, sees someone in front of him with the number 7 on his back, so he says the...
  6. E

    Accident at steel plant spills molten metal onto plant floor

    Here is a video of a funny accident that happened at a steel mill in Russia. Thousands of pounds of molten metal come pouring out of it's ladle onto the floor due to equipment failure. Fortunately no one was hurt in this incident, but the whole plant could have gone up in flames if the outcome...