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Microsoft wants to eat your brain*

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    I would find this so much cooler and less creepy if Microsoft wasn't involved. I don't like them thinking of my body as a computing resource.

    *That was a joke. I don't actually know whether or not they want to eat your brain. We're still allowed to make jokes, right? Or have they patented all humorous rhetorical devices already?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Of course they have - unless you meant that rhetorically....
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    I would imagine that the nuisance of having pictures flashed in peripheral vision pales in comparison to the nuisance of having to wear an EEG cap. :rolleyes:

    I really don't get this. OK, so you can strap an EEG cap on someone and discern within a couple hundred milliseconds whether a picture shows a human face or not. How is this so much better or easier than ditching the cap and having people take a second to press a button to indicate "face"? Seems like a pretty dumb and superfluous use of money and technology.

    I'm not even sure this sort of thing would work very well with peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is degraded because of the nature of signal detection at the peripheries of the retina, not because of a lack of attentional processing.
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    Couldn't have; they still work.
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