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Model of the universe/s, multiverse's etc (just a thought nothing more )

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    has anyone thought that our universe orbits with other universe's around a central core. our universe might not be infinite but because of the sheer size, we would never be able to comprehend the distances between the universe's. so we say that it is infinity as we cant put a magitude on the size yet. or maybe the other universes are in different dimensions so we would'nt be able to see them? In our galaxy there are solar systems etc orbiting together around a central black hole... could it be a similar concept but on a huge scale with universes. I have also heard that universes could overlap.
    just a thought... wen i was in bed last night
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    Hi, great_sushi,

    Welcome to PF!

    We have a couple of entries in the https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=206" [Broken] that I think address some the questions you raise:

    Can we tell whether the universe is rotating?
    Is the universe finite, or is it infinite?

    I think the first one explains how we can rule out orbital motion. The second one shows that the infinite/finite question is not something that we just have to speculate philosophically about. The description you've given also doesn't seem to allow for the observed fact that the universe is expanding.

    If you want to get started learning about cosmology, a book I always recommend is Relativity Simply Explained by Martin Gardner. It's a little out of date, but it's well written and fun to read.

    Please note that the PF rules prohibit overly speculative posts.

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    I thought that all celestial objects would be gravitationaly bound, but i was wrong. I thought that if gravity was everywhere in the universe surely if would need some angular velocity to stop itself from collapsing in on its self. ( i know thats one theory of the end of the universe).

    A sort of thinking where everything would orbit around something. Like our planets orbit around our sun... our solar system orbits around the black hole in the centre of the milkyway. And i thought that a galaxy would have a huge gravitational field which could reach another mass over time, maybe it could orbit around something extremely far away which is extremely dense and massive... And other galaxies alike.

    I thought that we had observed some evidence for a rotation, some indication of anisotropy in the electromagnetic propagation over large distances. But i could be wrong, that might explain something else. Am i completely wrong in thinking that a rotation could explain the doppler red shifts...
    I am a newbie dont shout if i'm being a tit. i'll check that book out cheers
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    This is explained in the FAQ entry.
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