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Molecular level

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    What is molecular level? I am running into questions that ask for such and such to be explained on a molecular level?
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    What are the "such and such" questions?

    "At the molecular level" means exactly that: you are being asked to describe or model something in terms of molecular interactions rather than adopting macroscopic, phenomenological models.
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    example of "such and such" question:How can you explain on the molecular level the conclusion you reached in part B

    (fyi: part B stated, "What general correlations can be drawn about the electronegativity difference between bonded atoms and their tendency to form ionic or covalent bonds." I had previously calcuated electronegativity difference between chlorine and sodium, and between chlorine and silicon).

    Thanks for your help:)
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    What happens at the molecular level. ie. what is going on with the electrons of the atoms and the atoms themselves?
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