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Monolith of unknown civilization found under Mediterranean

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    A man-made megalith, twelve meters in length, 15 tons in weight, sporting several holes and submerged about 9350 years ago was discovered and analyzed. Once again, the capabilities of ancient man prove to be astounding.
    The monument is comparable to those found at Gobekli Tepe.


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    Ok. But if you find a glowing cylinder about 1 meter long, that's my ZPM. And I want it back. :smile:
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    How could prehistoric man have floated this behemoth out to sea and sank it. Why? Did they have help? From whom? What else but alien technology could explain this anomaly? Is the hole in this monolith a portal enabling aliens to come and go at their leisure? Might that explain the historic ufo sightings in this region of the world? I'm auditioning for ancient aliens next season.
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    Chances are that it was made on site, and abandoned when the melting ice caps caused the sea to rise round about 8000 years ago.
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