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Move over, quantum cryptography!

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    Can a secure code, for the time being, be developed from the orientations of n-poles in the CBR?

    For instance, a binary sequence can be constructed from the series of n-poles like those observed by COBE. The monopole would have a value 0 or 1 according to its symmetry with respect to an arbitrary (secret?) axis. Similarly the dipole, quadrupole, octupole ad infinitum.

    Whoever has the detailed knowledge of the CBR may have information potentially sensitive in nature, applicable to encryption without the need for large primes.

    Do other classical measurements better offer an opportunity to obtain - albeit temporarily - secure yet universal access to keys?
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    Knowing the CBR to high precision provides you no better opportunities for encryption that does knowing pi to high precision. In fact, I have no idea why you think information about the CBR is relevant to cryptography, or why you think that all cryptography uses large primes.

    - Warren
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    Consider the leading edge of all physical measurement, not just that of Cosmic Backround Radiation. Is there a classical measurement whose numerics provide a possible basis for secret codes? Say a physical quantity was known to ten digits beyond that readily available to the general public. Those digits have the cryptographic property of being universally derivable, being directly independent of computers and including a classical system that can further extrapolate such numbers.

    A specific example with myriads more numerologics might be the base four of DNA generating specific proteins, themselves representing sequences of digits. Another would be the observed properties of neutron stars in general, whose comprehensive signals received on Earth could be encoded. The occurence of galaxies mapped in the cosmos could offer yet another universally reckonable and encodable pattern of positions translated to cryptography.
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