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I Multichannel analyzer to computer

  1. Aug 23, 2016 #1
    Dear All,
    Can some one help me of how to connect qVt MCA 3001 (from Lecroy) to a personal computer? What is needed for it? and software required after connecting will also be helpful to me.
    Thanks and regards, Raj.
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    Hi, Rajini,

    I only have a passing acquaintance with the electronics that you have. Back in the early days of digital nuclear instrumentation before PCs a modular commercial system was introduced in which specific function modules like discriminators , amplifier or MCA could be assemble and mixed and matched together as needed. This was done in what is called a NIM bin,.NIM standing for nuclear instrument module. This is an electronic rack mounted assembly or crate. This standard did not allow for the passing of digital data among the modules. A later standard called CAMAC Computerized Automated Measurement and Control. allows data communication among the modules. A module called a crate controller allowed connection to a computer. From what I have been able to learn from the internet you can use a a Lecroy qvt CAMAC interface to connect your MCA to a computer. However this involves using a CAMAC crate as well. Since I suppose you do not have a crate and may not be able to find a CAMAC controller you would have to build and interface. The Lecroy link above gives spec's of the controller which could be useful for a person to design such and interface or develop a hack for your problem.

    Lecroy was bought out by Teledyne and I do not think it still makes MCA or other nuclear instrumentation. Good Luck.
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    Their website describes pretty much what you need, as Gleem says above it has a CAMAC interface available; and there is another module that plugs into the bus of your PC for direct acqisition on the PC.
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