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Mummified 16th century child remains reveals HBV

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    The small holes covering the child's face were at first thought to be small pox. The entire paper is available.

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    It's amazing when they discover that what we thought killed so many in the past was, in fact, something else that is around today. Veritaseum did a video on mosquito attraction and the researcher he interviewed said that the mosquito is the most dangerous animal on the planet having killed nearly 1/2 of humanity over history with its pathogens.
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    jim mcnamara

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    'Rats, Lice, and History' by Hans Zinsser circa 1935
    'Guns, Germs and Steel' by Jared Diamond

    In the context of what Diamond did to explain how Plant and Animal Geography affected the modern world, Zinsser started the dialog on disease and history. He postulated correctly that most deaths during war time were from pathogens, not warfare wounds per se, mostly vectored by arthropods - Insects and friends.
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