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Musicians that went science route instead?

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    Ok... I've been at the piano since 4 yrs old (dad was a pianist) and play guitar (15 years old then). I've studied music until high school at which time I decided Pre-Med (lost interest) then engineering school was the course for me.

    Although my 'bacon' is engineering/science career I still dabble in music with friends or the solo bit playing piano/guitar at restaurants, gatherings, etc. No money in doing so... just for my sense of enjoyment.

    My wife plays violin, daughter plays piano, son was principal chair trombonist in several full scale orchestras and also plays the piano.

    Anyone else sort of in these shoes and can relate?
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    I was originally a music/math major when entering university. I switched the music major to physics due to family pressure and I chose physics since the curriculum looked interesting. I played saxophone back then, but nowadays I play bass guitar and classical guitar. Usually classical guitar due to long fingernails. I also do visual art in several mediums: graphite and coloured pencil, pastel, etc. At the moment I really want to take classical guitar and art classes. My university offers classical guitar lessons open to any student, but the drawing and painting classes are only open to art majors. I have several books I've bought and checked out from the library to help me with my art and music. Wish I could spend more time on these things... :P
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    George Jones

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    My Ph.D. supervisor has had a very successful career as theoretical physicist, and he also played trombone for years in his city's (pop. 200,000) symphony.
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    Excellent and glad there is another classical guitarist in our forums... I'm privy to Issac Albeniz, Tarrega, Fernando Sor, and many of the Romantic classical music all written with such beautiful scales... I do not keep the fingernails long but add them later via nail extenders. Classical music for guitar is in it's low and not many care for it and it is a shame but at regular venues that play for free the crowds are gathered. Agree with the time not available to play and I now wished my career would have been music bound but not a music professor or high school music teacher... a full fledged musician at some symphony orchestra... but even they have daytime jobs or businesses.
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