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My black hole white whole dark matter/energy reversed time theory.

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    Hello Forum!

    I am new to this, and I would like to share my own theory of the description in the title.

    Today we have almost come to the conclusion that black holes do exist, and that we also know that the universe is filled up by approx 73% dark energy and 23% dark material, that we don't know the origin of, we only know it has gravitational forces that interact with our own universe, that is expanding, faster and faster.

    We also "know" that no matter that goes IN to a black hole ever goes out, all we see is the radiation trails from it, the actual large scale masses, just disappears, or stays there, indefinitely.


    My theory is that what goes in to a black hole, goes out from a white hole and becomes dark energy/matter. The dark energy on the white hole side of the equation is what we see as the dark energy gravity force.

    On a quark-level all that goes in to a black hole gets ripped apart down the building blocks quarks, and goes out of the white and is reassembled in a NATURAL way on that side of the black whole which is a white hole, which means the gravity force that is applied to the building block of the quarks being reassembled is anti-gravitational forces so the natural way for them to be reassembled is into anti-quarks.

    Which then makes them increase the anti-gravitational force I label on the dark-energy.

    What makes all of this seemingly possible is for our universe to be infinite, and made up of 2 or more universes in 2 or more dimensions. Our "white universe" in one dimension, and the "black universe" with white holes in another, where, to make this possible, TIME goes backwards. So from our point of view, our universe is expanding and sucked in to black holes. But from the "black universe" point of view OUR universe is the "black universe" that has white holes.

    This is my theory of how it COULD be, and I am no physics student so I have no Idea about how many laws of thermodynamics I might have violated, but I would be grateful for any thoughts into the possibility of my theory.

    Best regards,

    A SciFi Physics Amature :P
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