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My first post. )

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    My first post. :))

    I have some questions to ask. :))
    1) How hard is it to enter MIT?
    2) How hard is it to get a Ph.D in Physics?
    3) What is the possibility of getting a job after getting a Ph.D in Physics?
    4) How much will I get paid after Ph.D?
    5) If I want to be like Michio Kaku, what field should I take?
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    Re: My first post. :))

    Whichever field gets you to a good plastic surgeon asap.

    Good luck.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    1) Pretty hard, though I think (undergraduate) college admissions is stupid.
    2) Depends on how much work you want to put in.
    3) A physics PhD does not give you any job skills, aside from the possibility of doing more research and a quantitatively-trained brain. I know that Materials Science/Engineering is a good option for physics majors. You should check out this thread.
    4) See my answer to 3.
    5) Wikipedia says Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. I'm no physicist, so you should check the sticky for "So you want to be a physicist."
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    Re: My first post. :))


    1) How hard is it to enter MIT?
    Its like the lottery, you should be applying to more than one school.
    2) How hard is it to get a Ph.D in Physics?
    Depends on your motivation and perseverance.
    4) How much will I get paid after Ph.D?
    PhD in what? There are a lot of things in physics...
    5) If I want to be like Michio Kaku, what field should I take?
    No comments.

    Seriously though, there is no field in physics to be on TV.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    1) hard, with the sort of applicants they get every year, they can take whatever pick they feel like and have no problem justifying any of it

    2) depends on how much you enjoy your work and your advisor

    3) depends on how well you market yourself

    4) 0~10mil+ a year

    5) if you are that special you will be as succesful regardless of the courses to take
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    Re: My first post. :))

    Thank you for your replies.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    What is your background in math and physics? It seems you have a very distorted view of physics. Physics isn't about entering MIT and making your own tv program. Its hard work for years on end grappling with mathematics and physical concepts. If your interested in making/starring in tv programs then go in the film industry.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    He may be interested in physics education.

    The world would be a lot better with more Michio Kaku's.

    Although the more crap he writes, the more I feel 1 is enough.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    If you want to go into physics. Learns as much elementary Algebra, Trig and Calculus as you can. Then take the physics only after you know calc I at least.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    Haha. Michio Kaku is a very smart man, he talks about what is theoretically possible.. unfortunately, people misinterpret his work and a lot of opinions out there don't do him justice.

    If the OP is interested in physics education then he can pursue that. But at the moment hes talking about MIT, PhD, and being like Michio Kaku. Sounds like some advisement is needed to take him in the right direction. You need more than an interest in physics education to think about pursuing a PhD in physics. Physics is very math intensive.

    OP, how do you feel toward mathematics?
    It isn't necessary to take calculus before physics, albeit in some schools it may be a prerequisite? Though I haven't encountered a school like that around here, usually from my experiences its a co-requisite and that works just fine.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    I will refer to the logarithmic "hardness" scale developed by "noble" prize winner Proffesor von Strazenpucherz.

    1. On Professor S's scale this is certainly a 64.7, maybe 47.23, if you have a cv index of 54.235 you should be good.

    2. How hard is it to fly? yeah pretty easy, this is most probably a 356.3823 hardness

    3. A job as what? a cleaner? a chef? a physicist?

    4. You will get paid with doing what you love.

    5. If you want to be kaku, drop out of school and get a degree in journalism, spend the next 50 years of your life as a science reporter talking about black holes, time travel, aliens and genius computers. Don't expect to win a nobel prize talking about this junk, Kaku is hardly the standard to be aiming for as a theoretical physicist. Try Witten, Weinberg, Glashow, T Hooft or Laughlin.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    If you want to be like Kaku it is perfectly fine for now.

    For that you need to study physics in a university. Just stay tuned with physics topics that you are interested in and go through the physics degree. Eventually there is no way around the maths, but that doesn't come all at once, don't worry. Mathematics is as easy as other topics, if you pay attention and work through your modules one after each other.

    Gradually you will gain more experience and you will like some of the topics more than the others. Then you can still decide whether you like to do theory or experimental physics.

    All comes with time. Just stay tuned and don't forget as in post #12 "You will get paid with doing what you love".
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    Re: My first post. :))

    Ummm, you do realise that Kaku was a co-founder of string field theory?
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    Re: My first post. :))

    This has nothing to do with how he currently spends his time writing popular books and appearing in dumbed down science documentaries. I am not trying to deny his ability in theoretical physics, what i do object to is his elevation to the highest echelon of the mathematical sciences by teenagers and ungergraduates (which i am myself). His work simply does not warrent "I want to be like Kaku", which has replaced the more noble/lofty "Einstein" or even "Hawking".
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    Re: My first post. :))

    This is one of my personal favourite interviews with kaku. Apparently there could be an alien probe or base hidden on the moon, monitering us as we have no knowledge of the make up and composition of the moon itself. This guy isn't interested in science, he is interested in science fiction.

    Apparently Mr Kaku thinks 5% of UFO sightings could be real aliens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pw13F7ahjY&feature=related"

    Apparently Terrorists have the primary motivation of stopping us from exploring out of space etc. Forget social injustice, globalisation, American Imperialism, these dastardly men are going to stop us playing star trek! Its just not fair!

    What more do you expect from a man who believes his occupation is to be a "god" or experience the thought process of "god"?

    If you want to be a scientist, Kaku is not a man you should be idolising, much of what he says is pseudoscience to say the least. While his String Field work may have contributed to our knowledge he has long since given up this process. It makes me question the ideology of string theorists in general.
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    Re: My first post. :))

    Hi friends!

    My name is Mell Gibson

    I am a big fan of physicsforums.

    I am very thankful to all senior members for giving me an opportunity to share their knowledge with me.


    Mell Gibson
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    Re: My first post. :))

    I started liking Physics because I thought it was fun. I had always been curious about just about everything and it just so happened that physics was able to explain all this phenomena to me in a logical manner. That's what got me hooked. I never read any Hawking or Kaku.


    Your first time on a forum, I take it?
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    Re: My first post. :))

    They will never take away our PHYSICS!
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    Re: My first post. :))

    In a similar note for our new member:

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