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My Journey

  1. Sep 7, 2009 #1

    I have been reading this forum for about a month and I'm very glad I found it. My journey is peculiar, uncommon, odd, and some might argue that it's impractical; but some people say that things happen for a reason. I'm 24 years old and still in school, the road I've traveled has been tumultuous in nature, but it has taught me many things. I graduated from a British HS with an I.B Diploma; upon graduation, my goal was to explore the world and so I decided to travel. Things didn't go as planned, I found myself lonesome; some friends of mine were starting to go into college, and I felt that I was not 'doing what I was supposed to do'. In some way, I felt society's expectations of following a stable career, etc were starting to reel in. One day I gave in; I returned from a pedestrian life in Europe were I held jobs as bartender and part musician to pay the bills, I enrolled and started taking classes at a local community college - In America, an I.B Diploma is not held as highly as it is in England, my SATs were not good enough to get me into a good American school, and my income was not high enough to pay for a British education.

    At the time, all I aspired to do was to get out of college with a 'degree' in Business Administration under my belt. I envisioned myself as a "suit" working for a million dollar company, driving a Bentley, sipping whiskey and having affairs with exotic women (to some degree I was also influenced by my father, the businessman); For some reason, I felt a Business degree was the only career worth pursuing - oh how naive I was! The delusion of making a million dollars and living the dream caught up with me. So there I was getting easily through my first two years at a community college doing all the necessary work, but never going the distance; my heart was not in it. After getting my AA (associates) I transferred to a four year institution which had a great program in business. The institution was located at a metropolis; and In my mind, to experience the 'big city life' while getting a hands-on experience on my career would be enthralling - oh how naive I was!

    After the first semester of Business school, I was bored, miserable, I felt like I was living someone else's dream. A friend of mine in New York was trying to help me out by recommending books on spirituality; And so I read, avidly, incessantly, until one day I discovered Herman Weyl's 'Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics' along with David Bohm's 'On Dialogue/On Creativity'. I was hooked. My nights were spent inside a library researching about Quantum Mechanics, doing the math with some of the preparation on Calculus that I had before - I had seen the light. The decision of dropping out of business school was already clear in my mind. I seeked the guidance of counselors, I confronted my family with my decision, and I was willing to pay a hefty price for not knowing before what I wanted to do with my life.

    I've decided to walk along the path of science but I've chosen Computer Engineering as my degree of choice, why? Well, because I'm comfortable with technology and I would love to get into Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence in the future. Perhaps I'm aiming to high? I do consider myself a dreamer. At the same time, I truly believe computer engineering will also give me insight on electronics and robotics. I want to learn LISP - I hear it's great for GPS tracking devices, I also want to get involved with quantum entanglement and using intelligent systems to model quantum phenomena along with similar subjects including tangled hierarchies - a bit broad and intimidating, but I'll get there. I had considered majoring in Physics, but the path of a physicist is somewhat limited. On the other hand, I believe Physics is involved in every science; without the "technology" to model the phenomena, physics is simply a formula. Technology will help us translate what is on the blackboard and put it in to fruitful practice - So, there you go, a snapshot of my academic life. If you feel like sharing any views or comments feel free to do so, but please be nice, I by no means consider myself as smart as some of you that knew from the beginning what you were meant to do in life.
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    That was very inspirational, thank you for sharing :)
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    Thank you for sharing that.

    I'm experiencing a similar journey; beginning to head into business school for my undergraduate education, but find myself drawn in by the sciences.
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