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Mystery: Failed Name: a much simpler one was chosen

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    Here is a name I found that was proposed but never used to name something.

    It is quite long, 83 characters I believe, and is eight words appended to one another.

    Your job is to tell me what it was proposed to name (Hint: associated with physics, a single word).

    However, there is a catch, I have changed 3 to 5 letters in the sequence.

    I guarantee if you substitute the proper letters, a google search will reward you with the correct answer. Here is the sequence...


    Ignore the space " " after the "i" in "wickel", above the PF BB parser has issues with it, see other examples below...

    Good luck...

    More examples of PF BB parsing errors... Each line is one continuous sequence of letters/numbers


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    Jonathan Scott

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    (I only had to guess "gollitron" as the rest was recognizable German words)

    Edit: I see that "beigollitron" was supposedly German for "by golly - tron". Pull the other one.

    Edit 2: I could have used spoiler tags or similar to let other people look for it too, but it seemed quite trivial, as even without ever having learned German I could pick out all the rest immediately.
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    Johnathan: Yep, betatron is correct...

    This wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betatron" [Broken]

    Scan down a bit...

    Shows the correct 83 character sequence of letters... remembering to drop the space after the "i" in "wickel" below when you paste into google.


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