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Naive question regarding black holes.

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    so, when it comes to EM or strong force or weak force, you cannot tell the difference it some object exists inside a black hole or if it does not. nothing from that object gets out from behind the event horizon.

    except for gravity. if a black hole swallows up a massive star, the gravitational effect of the black hole on other objects is more than if it never swallowed such a star. so it's like the gravitational effect of all of the objects inside the event horizon (or their effect on the curvature of spacetime) somehow reaches out from behind the event horizon to outside of it.

    am i stating this premise incorrectly? doesn't something seem inconsistent about that? it's like if gravitons exist (not saying that they do exist), they don't get pulled into the black hole like photons or any other particle.
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    Gravitons are virtual particles, which are not subject to the 'physics as usual' rules of quantum mechanics.
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