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I found this reference on Astaroth malware...
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Can you name some good science/math documentaries. I would watch them when I am idle. My goal is not to learn anything in specific but to generate some of those AHA! moments which I would love to share with people from similar backgrounds. Also, maybe some collective parts of the documentary could incite interests or further raise some questions which my brain would be working sub-consciously. So I think watching some 20-30 minutes of these documentaries would be worth in the long term than just wasting time on TV. Thanks!
Physics news on
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PeroK said:
Yes, I know about the channel and also watched some of the videos. But found majority of its videos beyond my level of understanding for the time being.
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Carl Sagan's Cosmos is essential. Some of the science may be a bit dated, but I'm surprised by how most all of it held up well over time. The series also discusses history and makes some commentary on human nature, and that is as applicable today as it was then (much of it is even more relevant today than it was then).

Link to Cosmos playlist on YouTube:

There's also a newer Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. That's good too.
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There are many Youtube presenters that convey excellent science, math and technology content:

veritaseum for all things science
minute physics with great cartooning of physics topics
smarter everyday for technology, engineering and sometimes science
3blue1brown math and more
numberphile for all things math
computerphile for all things computer
marcus brownlee for the latest in personal technology
physics girl for physics and science
tibees for science and math history and other things
cgp grey great cartoon videos
the history guy for forgotten history

from these channels you can find links other great channels.

There is also for courses on science and math

and for great math 10 minute videos covering erevy topic related to individual course

Lastly, the OpenStax online books that are curated by the best educators around.
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As a follow-on, I forgot to mention these fine channels:

PBS Spacetime
Domain of Science with great maps of Science Subjects

MIT Open Courseware

Scott Manley great engineering videos

Zach Star math


The Math Sorcerer

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

and this NOVA show The Great Math Mystery:

and this British show on Maths:

and Brian Green Space, Time and Einstein:

and this on on Programming Quantum Computers:

and last but not least Explaining Computers:

Oops forgot to mention Seeker for news reports on science things
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collinsmark said:
There's also a newer Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. That's good too.
This presents the Cosmos as a simulation, does it? This guy is full of BS:

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I enjoyed this one.

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Did u just post the link to richie kotzen "Hi tech guitar" or my pc is broken ?
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Which link? They seem okay.

I didn't know who Ritchie Kotzen is so I found a link for you:

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sahilmm15 said:
Can you name some good science/math documentaries.

Some good science documentaries on various topics (and one on mathematics):

• Brian Cox - A Night with the Stars (BBC, 2013)
• Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (13 episodes, 1980)
• Cosmos - A Spacetime Odyssey (13 episodes, 2014)
• Do You Know What Time It Is? (BBC Horizon, 2008)
• Earth Story (8 episodes, BBC 1998)
• Human Universe (BBC, 5 episodes)
• Life On Earth (David Attenborough, 1979)
• Light Fantastic (BBC, 2004)
• Particle Fever (documentary film, 2013)
• Science Britannica (BBC, 3 episodes)
• Chemistry: A Volatile History (BBC, 3 episodes)
• Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity (BBC, 3 episodes)
• The Story of Maths (BBC, 4 episodes, 2008)
• The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion (BBC, 2010)
• Wonders of Life (BBC, 5 episodes)
• Wonders of the Solar System (BBC, 5 episodes)
• Wonders of the Universe (BBC, 4 episodes)

Edit: Sixty Symbols is also a good youtube channel, by the way.
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jedishrfu said:
Which link? They seem okay.
This is how your post looks on my pc
Schermata 2021-01-18 alle 21.23.31.png

very strange... And if I click on them I open the video of the guy playing guitar so it's not just the thumbnail
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jedishrfu said:
Sounds like you have malware trying to bring up the click counts on this guys video.

I found this reference on Astaroth malware which uses Youtube to locate its command and control web servers. They won't usually appear until the puppetmaster wants to do his dirty work on a bunch od computers hosting his code.
I have a macbook. It seems this malware is for windows only, or not ?

EDIT: now the links work fine...
EDIT: no more...

PS: ok also on my phone I have the same issue... I tried incognito mode and it works so it must be a problem with my google/youtube account.
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I see a couple of chessgame explained videos in the links jedishrfu posted,weird.
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I see no-one already mentioned papa flammy 😜

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jedishrfu said:
As a follow-on, I forgot to mention these fine channels:

PBS Spacetime
Domain of Science with great maps of Science Subjects

I think the problem with the URLs is that they reference "WL" (the watchlist for the viewer?)

Here's your original...
which leads to

(which will likely look different for each viewer).

But by stripping the WL reference
one gets

the intended video.
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There's also a newer [I said:
Cosmos[/I] series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. That's good too.
Good, but no better than that. DeGrasse Tyson struggles to be as poetic as Sagan and the result isn't as epoch making as the original. Also he isn't Sagan. Sagan's personality pervaded and propelled the original to prominence but the remake was like a moped compared to a racing bike.
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It depends on what you call science. If biology is your thing David Attenborough has produced simply HOURS of documentaries for you to watch but I think you are already aware of his efforts (unless you've been living under a rock for 40 odd years). There is also Jacques Cousteau. The science is a bit old and he was a bit of a dreamer but his narration is unique.

More close to home is this.

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