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National Human Genome Research Institute

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    Evolution :biggrin: Perhaps we can turn this into an educational thread for future reference? I'll start off and add more.

    From the National Human Genome Research Institute.

    Watch Darwin at 200: How Geneticists View Him Today by listening and watching this video from The National Human Genome Research Institute: http://www.genome.gov/Multimedia/Flash/videoPlayerCC.cfm?videoID=Darwin200

    Does anyone have a "Tree of Life" he or she might like to share? Got any new news about evolution?:smile: Anything from peer-reviewed journals Nature or Science?
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    Re: Evolution

    ArchaeologyInfo is a wonderful website that continually updates new found HUMAN species. You can review HUMAN ANCESTRY: SPECIES and 'elect a species of hominid from the human evolution timeline', or 'from the list at right, to view a hominid species article and image' and the website provideds new hominids. I encourage everyone who loves science to explore this incrediable website! Thanks.
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