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Naturalistic Reincarnation Concept

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    Read the former link and tell me what you think. The author, Thomas W. Clark, concludes that when one dies, experience does not cease for that subject but continues in "other subjects which come into being". It is essentially a naturalistic version of reincarnation. He uses a thought experiment which seems to point to this conclusion.

    Post your thoughts.
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    Does running or swimming or basketball 'not cease, but continues in other people'?

    Consciousness is a process, not a thing.
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    If you read Thomas Clark's other papers (such as Function and Phenomenology Closing the Explanatory Gap) you will see that he holds the standard materialist's view of consciousness. Read the paper and the replies to the paper and then form your opinion.

    Read the following if you want more:

    www.mbdefault.org (chapter 9 in particular)

    This monograph is written by a different philosopher yet raises the same conclusion. The author, Wayne Stewart, takes Baar's and Taylor's Global Workspace model of subjectivity to draw this very novel conclusion.
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    If all you want, is to generate web traffic, I'd work on your sales pitch.
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    If you have a problem with any part of the paper then copy it and we can discuss it. I actually think the idea is deserving of sober thought. I will copy some excerpts which we can discuss if you do not wish to.
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    Where did you hear Harris mention the idea? Could you point me in the right direction, links, books maybe?

    Also, just to clarify, this idea has no ties with Buddhism except for the fact that it involves transmigration (albeit without any "soul" thing, in fact it posits no transference of anything between subjects). It is a naturalistic transmigration philosophy derived from a naturalistic analysis of personal identity criteria at temporal limits.

    Whilst we're on the subject of Dan Dennet, Tom Clark (the author of the DNS paper I linked above) actually studied under the guidance of Dan when he studied philosophy at college.
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    One thing that hit me most about consciousness remaining afterlife is this
    People who suffered accidents that caused them to loose their legs report that sometimes they feel like they have the whole leg. They even report that sometimes their non-existing toes etch. Extending the idea to whole body, It can be postulated that even when you loose your whole body, you will feel like you have a body.
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    If you lose your whole body, there is nothing left of you, to feel anything.
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