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Nature and The Universe, How can Nature being conscious, know what it is doing ?

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    Forget about the GOD for the moment, we do not need GOD to create the universe (As pointed out by Prof.Stephen Hawking both matter and anti matter ruling out the existence of god) , First there was bang and then all the mass produced (perhaps by higgs boson (waiting for updates from CERN)) Space time and everything came to an existence.

    Now we have living beings flesh, bones, muscular mass (from laws of chemistry) and neurotransmitters to transmit signals from our brain and also which is making me to type this today.

    so far it has used alot of it's Physical properties into Biological for example...

    Nature knows how at what point an animal can balance it's body, or have vision (also night vision for some animals (IR). As if it got the knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, Biology and chemistry.

    Let us say, it's like this, say we have to make a camera. we need to study focal length of the lens, type of the lens convex or concave, aberrations etc also our camera need to be focused all by it self, also pixels and much more related to RGB color.

    So, Now I am asking you all How does Nature know what out doing all this to make this Living organic eye ball ? By using it's own laws of physics.

    How does it knows that

    Nature says, "HA HA HA I know this would be sufficient for this animal to see things properly" , "I shell use laws of Physics, Biology, Math and Chemistry for this animal to live on it's own"

    as if all the living being who got eyes do not have any problems with for what nature does, as if it knows what it does...

    How come it knows what it does ? Through evolution, by this slow process it might have improved. however, it does not solve the puzzle.

    May be some physicists or Mathematicians might have show we do not need GOD to create this universe. so, what about Nature and it's Conscious nature ?

    We say

    1.We have Laws of Nature
    2.Constants in Nature both Mathematics and Physics (What made these constants to be universal constant?)
    3. how does nature know it's own laws of Electricity (for application in Life such as neurotransmitters to transmit signals from our brain )
    4. Classical Mechanics application (for the motion of living being, way it's stands and way it walks etc)
    5. optics (for creation of Eye perfectly with big focus, today Sony and other 3d Camcorders companies are struggling to make one stereoscopic recording camera just as our binocular vision.)
    6. Structure of DNA (it's formation of structure bond together with static electricity or electric charge.

    it could be evolution but just think why some animals try to match with the background when it cannot see in color and Nature does it.

    7. Why is that Nature does wants to give what we exactly we need ?

    8. How does nature know all about this and how can it uses it's own knowledge to make life out of it in the form of it's own application ?

    Forget about us being conscious I say Nature got it's own consciousness. It knows what it does so what's wrong in calling it as Consciousness.

    This is our scientific GOD, it is Nature.

    Just think how beautiful and complex things it does and here you are reading this right now .. so why not think why cannot I say it is conscious ?

    How come it used lot of it's own applications of physical properties to create life and today me and you being part of it exploring this universe looking for the answer.

    How come laws of Mathematics can be used in Physics forming Theoretical Physics ?

    Here I am talking about applications by Nature, It does more than a living being can.
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    Well, if Nature is conscious, how could it NOT know what it is doing?
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    Nature doesn't know anything. Nothing sits there and thinks "how will this animal be able to see? I know it will need an eye! How should I design it?" Evolution is a blind process of inheritable change over time under contextual environmental attrition. It is not designed and it is not perfect or even rational (as shown by the human eye being backwards and thus having a blind spot.
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