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NCl3 (Nitrogen-TriChloride), a new fuel?

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    I work at a Pool store where I have many chemicals laying around me. One day I got bored and started toying with the idea of what can I make out of these chemicals. So concluded, here is my Equation:

    NH3 + 3 HOCl = NCl3 + 3 H2O


    (1 part Ammonia) + (3 parts Hypochlorous Acid) = (1 part Nitrogen-TriChloride) + (3 parts Water)

    HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) is made with this Equation:

    Cl2 + 2 H2O = HOCl + HCl
    (This is called "Chlorination" of Water)

    My question is:
    Is Nitrogen-TriChloride a reasonable fuel? I know someone messed with this before but he, I believe, used this Equation:

    3 Cl2 + NH3 = NCl3 + 3 HCl

    and he blew off 3 fingers and an eye... So I'm thinking you can do the same thing but in water... Any Thoughts
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    Without getting into the chemistry of isolating the NCl3 from the mixture of mono and dichloroamine produced when bleach and ammonia react, you should know that the trichloride is a toxic, irritating gas. The by-products of burning this are either toxic chlorine gas or HCl and NOx. Very corrosive stuff and NOx to boot!
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