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NDSolve differences between mathematica 8 and 9

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    I am using mathematica 9 and having some problems with a particular expression, but when I tried it on mathematica 8 it worked perfectly. My expression is:

    NDSolve[{D[T[n,z], n]+i 2 D[T[n,z], {z,2}]+z^2 T[n,z]==0, T[0,z]==1, Derivative[0,1][T][n,5]==0, Derivative[0,1][T][n,0]==0}, T, {n,0,5}, {z,0,5}]

    where i is the imaginary number, and on both I had a new window to work on, with nothing having been done previously on it.

    Mathematica 8 gave me this:
    {{T-> InterpolatingFunction[{{0.,5.},{0.,5.}},<>]}}

    and mathematica 9 gave me this:
    NDSolve::ndnum : Encountered non-numerical value for a derivative at n==0.`.>>

    Does anyone know what is going on here? I cannot use mathematica 8, as I do not have continual access to that machine.

    Thank you for your help.
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    The imaginary number in my code was entered as :esc: I :esc: not as the lower case i.
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    Don't escape "I" for imaginary. Just use capital "I". :I: is capital Iota.
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