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Necessity Condition in Implication ?

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    P -> Q

    Code (Text):
    P   Q   P->Q
    T   T     T
    T   F     F
    F   T     T
    F   F     T
    I understand the condition "P is sufficient for Q". But I'm not getting the meaning of why "Q is necessary for P". What does this signifies, Please explain ..
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Is this a question about interpreting English?

    One way to rephrase "Q is necessary for P" is to say "If Q is false then P must be false" or " not-Q implies not-P".

    Thinking of P and Q as events you could rephrase "Q is necessary for P" as "If P happened then Q must also have happened" or "If Q doesn't happen then P can't happen".
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