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Need help finding the sum of a sequence

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    I have to sequence 2*(n-1)*x^(2n), I have tried integrating and then finding the sum and then derivating the sum, and I allmost get the right answer.

    But I think I am integrating wrong since I really dont know of the integrate when I have ^(2n), and not only n.

    please help
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    When you integrate x2n Just write k=2n. Then integral of xk is xk+1/(k+1) = x2n+1/(2n+1)
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    You know, I presume, that the integral of xn is 1/(n+1) xn+1+ C where n can be any number. Well, 2n is just a number! The integral of x2n is 1/(2n+1) x2n+1+ C. So the integral of 2(n-1)x2n is 2((n-1)/(2n+1))x2n+1. But I don't think that will help you find the sum!
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    How should I find the sum then?
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    differentiate sum x^2n and see what you get. Or better yet, differentiate x^(2(n-1))
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