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Need help learning about Dark Matter

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    I'm putting together a research paper and a 45 minute presentation for an undergrad senior project. My chosen topic is dark matter. I'd like to get some more information and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. My presentation structure that I envision is something like this
    -Historical Origins
    -Major Types (Hot Dark Matter (that I'm dismissing as not likely), Cold Dark Matter (I'm neglecting Warm)

    The next part is a bit ambiguous because I would like to have a theoretical prediction of a WIMP particle type, specifically the nuetralino because I was going to conclude my presentation with methods of direct detection and present the DRIFT-II experiment.

    I don't know anything about supersymmetry or the nuetralino and would like to. If anyone knows a good place find information or possibly the theoretical prediction of the nuetralino it would be a great help.

    Also any suggestions are appreciated.
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    have you tried wikipedia? They might not have enough information for a whole paper and a 45 minute presentation, but it should be a good start.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. That is actually where I started and I have some of the presentation put together. I also have access to "Web of Science" and "JSOTR" through my university and found some info on the DRIFT-II experiment but get a little overwhelmed with misinformation whenever I search for dark matter or similar searches.
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    yeah I would steer clear of random google searches and ask around for good sources from your professor perhaps
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    I was just checking back to see if anyone else had replied and noticed that I had not thanked you. This is a fantastic source and really helps out a lot. Thank you very much.
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