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Hello, the question i have here is:

Fifty millilitres of a 0.05M solution of Sodium Carbonate is added to 80mL of a 5% by mass solution containing Siliver Nitrate. The product of the reaction are solid Siliver Carbonate and a solution is evapourated to dryness, leaving a mixture of salts. How many grams of the salts, Sodium Carbonate, Siliver Nitrate, Siliver Carbonate, and Sodium Nitrate are present in the salt mixture?

Note: Indicate any assumptions necessary in order to perform the calculations.

The balanced chemical equation is Na2CO3 + 2AgNO3 = Ag2CO3 + 2NaNO3

Na2CO3 = 106g/mol
AgNO3 = 169.87g/mol
Ag2CO3 = 275.74g/mol
NaNO3 = 85.00g/mol

i found out the moles of Sodium Carbonate to be 0.0025 mol.

Then i'm stuck, thanks everyone.
First of all, is it 5% mass by mass? or mass by volume?

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