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Need help Policy Number? Insurance

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    Need help!!! Policy Number? Insurance ...

    Ok, I have my card infront of me.

    I have: subscriber id, group number, payer id, and card number ... but not "Policy Number"

    Which is it? Thanks!
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    I would guess that you were really looking for Physicians Corp of America (whose domain name has been acquired by a robotics company), Physicians Mutual, Physicians Reciprical, or the Psychic Hotline (don't they have a special program called "In Search of Lost Objects"?)

    Considering we don't even know what insurance company you're talking about, the chances of answering your question are pretty small. Even with the company name, you'd probably need to rely on someone who had insurance from the same company.

    (My trash collectors changed their system, making it vary hard to figure out how our old account numbers carry over into their new system. In their case, they at least offered a page on their website explaining how to enter your "new" number based off of your old "account number" when paying bills on-line.)
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    On insurance forms, I've been told to use my "subscriber ID" when it asks for the Policy number.

    Your card should have a toll free number on it, call them and ask which to use.
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    It must be a regional matter. Both my Alberta Health insurance and my car insurance have a policy number clearly printed on them.
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    Certainly, it's that great big region to the south of Canada. My AB Health and my car insurance both have a policy number on them as well.
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    Ahhh, the Gamma Quadrant. We just keep our shields maintained and pretend that it doesn't exist. :biggrin:
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    If we ignore them, will they go away?
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    I'm still hoping, but it hasn't worked yet.
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