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Need help with algebra, me, i beg you

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    need help with algebra, plz help me, i beg you

    hey guys

    I have a exam on monday on maths and i am having trouble with quadradic equations.

    the 2 questions i am having trouble with are as follows:

    L/2 = x +60 how do i turn this into a quadradic equation??

    i know the formula for quadradic equations but i cant put 2 and 2 together and i would greatly appreciated if someone could just show me how to do it.

    also another question is

    -33.34 + L = 0.8334 x L

    how do i find out what L is?
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    For the first, what is L and x? Because it's not a quadratic equation.

    for the second

    -33.34 + L = 0.8334 x L

    Assuming x is multiplication, subtract L from both sides.

    -33.34 = .8334*L - L = L*(.8334 - 1) (by factoring L)

    So divide both sides by .8334-1 yields your answer
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    thank you kind sir.
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