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Need Interest in Technology to Become Computer Programmer?

  1. May 27, 2014 #1
    Does a person need to have an interest in technology, in general, in order to be a (successful?) computer programmer? I ask, because I believe I saw this mentioned in another thread somewhere not too long ago and I've been looking into the computer programming field the past week.

    I think computers are neat and the idea of programming sounds fun, yet I otherwise am not at all the type of person who keeps up with technological trends (the latest iPhones and smart devices).
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    The opinion here is , yes. You could be limited just to letting a user put in information using mouse and keyboard, but a big world is alive with people who want to make programs which take information and data from instruments or devices and process that information. Measurement devices which could usually give digital display or analog needle display or pen-movement over chart paper could additionally feed this information electrically into a computer, and the appropriately designed program would process this information.
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    Programming is constantly evolving and its evolution is linked to development in technology and to be a good programmer, you need to be always up to date with new programming technologies so I would way yes.

    Edit: the kind of technology you need to be interested in is not what new iPhone came out or what new app that lets you auto-tune your voice came out. This kind of technology is commercial and is targeted at laypeople. You need to be more interested in the academic and technical side of new technology.
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