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Need program for operating on 200-digited numbers

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    Hey guys! I desperately need a software for performing operations on large numbers (some 200-digits), and as I have no knowledge of programming, I think a complete software package is what I'm looking for.

    I think I am onto something regarding the integer factorization problem, but I have no means of checking it for large numbers! It would be of great help to me, if you could list out some software packages (I have no idea about any of them!). Please provide links as well! Thanks :D
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    I think you should test your program with smaller numbers ( like a 50 digit number ) before you move to bigger number. Here's a site which you can use to test the results from your own program:


    It's fast and already tested. But I would not feed it a 200 digit number though.
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    you could use the groovy language which can handle Big Integers of arbitrary digit size:

    Here's and example script for powers of two:

    BigInteger ans = 1g
    1000.times { ans=ans*2; println ans }

    I run it in the GroovyConsole app and it generates some pretty huge numbers with the last ans being 303 digits long.

    Groovy is a scripting lang that extends java with features some wished were in java.

    Be aware that handling huge numbers is considerably slower than traditional computer datatypes like int and long or float and double.
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    Python can handle arbitrary digits off-the-shelf.

    Code (Text):
    >>> 10**300
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