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  1. F

    I Blending numbers

    i have not clue if this is the right place to ask if i had 2 numbers and i wanted to blend between them but instead of a linear way it was in an inverse square way.. how would that math go? so if i had A=1 and B=9 and wanted the number at 0.5 it would be 4.. or if i wanted the number at 0.85 it...
  2. Jarvis323

    A Choices of Axiomatic and Number Systems / Sets and Alternatives

    I know that the number systems we use are typically constructed from axiomatic set theory, and overall our choices along the way seam to have been largely informed by practical consideration (e.g. to resolve ambiguities, or do away with limitations). Today I randomly started to think deeper...
  3. J

    I need help decrypting this

    00110100 00110011 00100000 00110100 00111001 00100000 00110100 00110011 00100000 00110100 00110001 00100000 00110100 00110100 00100000 00110100 00110001 00100000 00110010 00110000 00100000 00110011 00110011 00100000 00110011 00110011 00100000 00110011 00110000 00100000 00110011 00110001
  4. Y

    Orbital/Spin angular momentum + magnetic quantum numbers

    Homework Statement A single electron atom has the outer electron in a 4f1 excited state. Write down the orbital and spin angular momentum quantum numbers and the associated magnetic quantum numbers for this state. Homework Equations I don't think there is any relevant equations. I think it...
  5. Bunny-chan

    Supremum and infimum of specific sets

    Homework Statement I'm in need of some help to be able to determine the supremum and infimum of the following sets:A = \left\{ {mn\over 1+ m+n} \mid m, n \in \mathbb N \right\}B = \left\{ {mn\over 4m^2+m+n^2} \mid m, n \in \mathbb N \right\}C = \left\{ {m\over \vert m\vert +n} \mid m \in...
  6. J

    B Solve 3 7 12 18 25 series

    Hi, im trying to solve this series generally: the series: 3 7 12 18 25. i tried using x(n) = 3 + 4n. But this doesnt work.. Please help.
  7. Carlos Gouveia

    Fast car

    A car goes from repose (0 mph) to 50 mph in, say, 30 seconds. Math tells us that there is an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 50 (or between any two other numbers). Therefore, isn't it "obvious" or "intuitive" that it would take a car an infinite amount of time to go from 0 mph to 50...
  8. M

    Can anyone explain me this?

    Homework Statement Let m be the number of numbers fromantic the set {1,2,3,...,2014} which can be expressed as difference of squares of two non negative integers. The sum of the digits of m is .... Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I got a solution from a magazine but I didn't...
  9. N

    N00b question about understanding what formulas are

    I am new to the world of Science & Mathematics but am eager to learn all I can. I go to my local library and open up books on the topic such as Physics, Engineering and Electronics and there are swathes of formulas all of which I don't understand. I stare at them wondering what keys they must...