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Neuroscience and Biology Majors for Undergraduates

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    This topic may or may not have already come up on this forum, but I just couldn't spot it. For those of you who have double majored in both Neuroscience aswell as Biology (Or even either subject alone), What has your experience been in finding a decent job after your first four years, and what could you expect or what opportunities were open to you after completing your graduate studies? What financial issues have you had during your college career and do you feel it to be a worthwhile experience? Anyone is welcome to comment with answers or more questions that they would like to be answered. Write your hearts out, ;-)
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    With either major and a good GPA from a good institution it shouldn't be difficult to find a job as a research assistant / technician in a laboratory, with just a bachelor's degree, especially if you are in a region with a lot of labs around.

    Neuroscience majors are very different at different schools. Depending on your other coursework and interests you might be qualified for jobs involving artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as the usual biology type jobs. This may or may not become more true as you specialize in graduate school.
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