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Neutron degenerate matter as dark matter

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    I could not find much info on neutron degenerate matter. Only in reference to neutron stars.
    neutron degenerate matter

    Has anyone looked at the possible properties of a neuton liquid or solid to determine if it could act as dark matter?
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    George Jones

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    Hi george!
    Everytime I look at your posts, I always wonder if that is your picture on a bad hair day.
    I agree, "According to the standard cosmological model, the majority of dark matter is not normal matter."
    However, it appears that a neuton liquid or solid is not "normal matter".
    I would like to know more on what has been postulated on a neuton liquid or solid.
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    Degenerate matter such as in Neutron stars requires enormous density to exist. This can only happen in very dense collapsed objects held together by the mutual gravitational pull of the object. A lump of degenerate matter the mass (but not the size) of the Earth could not exist, it would spontaneously expand due to the nuclear repulsions of the material and no longer be in the same form.

    Now, if it say we wanted to know whether Dark Matter was in fact many Neutron stars that are not emitting any radiation ( unlike say Pulsars ) we could look to surveys such as MACHO that have consistently shown that dark matter is not compact. Whatever Dark Matter is it is not clumpy, but rather a diffuse material, most likely a WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle).

    In summary it has been considered whether Dark Matter could be neutron star type objects and it looks as though this has been ruled out by observations.
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    Hi Wallace!
    I would hate to be the one trying to place WIMP in the periodic chart.

    However, when reading about the research concerning solid hydrogen and solid neutrons, it appears that there is expectation that the next experiment could be the turning point in creating a solid phase.

    Following this line of reasoning and the possibilities it would give another explanation to the big bang, and dark matter.
    I'll post my speculation in my blog.
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