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Medical New AHA Guidelines - Hands-Only CPR for laypeople

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    New AHA Guidelines -- Hands-Only CPR for laypeople

    I'd heard that this might be coming, and now the American Heart Association has made the official announcement:


    Seems like a good move to encourage more laypeople to get involved. I'm still going to be bagging anybody I do CPR on, but not many people carry a BVM in their vehicle (or are trained on how to use it).

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    I've been hearing about that too.

    I think it bears pointing out that this is not meant to replace CPR as many of us learned it, but rather to provide simple instruction to the untrained when there is nobody with training available to assist, or when someone is concerned about the risk of mouth-to-mouth contact. The other key point this campaign is trying to get across is that many untrained bystanders who attempt to assist with CPR do not push hard enough to give effective compressions, so they should not be afraid to push as hard as they can.
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    jim mcnamara

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    A fractured rib is better than brain death - except in states without Good Samaritan Laws.
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