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New-fangled outboard fuel line interlocks

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    I've been to Crappy Tire and I've been to Fogh Marine and I ;'ve looked online at Bass Pro. All they have are these new-fangled plastic fuel line/tank interlocks:
    [PLAIN]http://imageserv8.team-logic.com/store-logic/products/5/8680/st_8776.jpg [Broken]

    Mine looks like this:
    [PLAIN]http://imageserv8.team-logic.com/store-logic/products/5/8674/st_8770.jpg [Broken]

    I can't find a gas tank that uses the two-prong interlock.

    And I need it by tomorrow or my sailing trip is off.

    Online ordering won't do. Need a store in GTA, Canada.

    I'm beginning to worry if it's obsolete...
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    No boat shops at the marina?
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    Auto parts places, maybe? I'm guessing that, if you tried the Great White North Tire Store you've also called Home Depot, Revy et al.

    I hope you find something. It'd suck huge for your boat trip to be cancelled. Report back.
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    The one on my 04 Crestliner with a Mercury engine uses one similiar to yours. The tanks are usually generic with a threaded hole for the gas line attachment.

    Mine is exactly like the one in the picture.


    Bass Pro has one lsited that looks like yours. Their online catalog is sometime like a maze. I usually try a first google for the part directly. Ironically I googled Walmart boat gas tanks and came up with the Bass pro google add.

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    Hm. Yeah. I guess you're right. The connector is attached to a gas cap, which should fit any tank. Thanks.
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    I just came back from an outboard engine service place.

    The connector discrepancies are not 'old' versus 'new', they are unique to the brand of motor.

    My motor, and thus my connector, is an Evinrude.

    New gas tank in-hand. I am ready for my trip.
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    Well that's just spiffy.

    My $#!!&#!@# motor just caused me to ram the boat in the next berth. And I don't mean just a glancing blow...

    Lucky there was no damage.
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    I'm going to assume and hope that no one was injured?
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    No one on board next door. We were more rattled and embarrassed.

    !#&#$& motor operates at only 2 speeds: full or dead. We were too close to get up a head of speed, which was the saving grace.
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