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New Member Looking for Some Guidance Through the Wonderful World of Physics

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    I apologise greatly if this thread has been posted before, I had a look around and couldn't find anything similar. If I come across as ignorant, I apologise in advance.

    I used to enjoy physics back at school, but then changed to do a course on Computer Science. I later got diagnosed wit ha learnign disability which went unnoticed until recently. Due to now knowing about it, I can learn much faster and enjoy learning much more. I reached Higher physics,chemistry and mathematics from the SQA. I wish to learn properly as a hobby.

    Is it possible for someone to help guide me to introductions to each of the main feilds in each science, so that I have a starting point and basic understanding of the general aspects?
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    Greetings from another "noobie'.

    You might wish to read the thread entitled "Junkyard Physics" to learn from my experience.

    Anyway.......welcome and good luck.
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    Thank you very much, I will go read that now.
    Also, Welcome to you too.
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    I apologise if this post is considered spam, I just would like to attempt to bring this thread to attention of those in a different time zone which could lead to me receiving more answers.
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    I think you will find the "hyperphysics" web site useful.Try googling.
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