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New unbiased technique for the measure of the local dark matter density

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    Plenty of Dark Matter Near the Sun


    Evidence for dark matter near the sun

    "We are 99% confident that there is dark matter near the Sun," says the lead author Silvia Garbari. In fact, if anything, the authors' favored dark matter density is a little high: they find more dark matter than expected at 90% confidence. There is a 10% chance that this is merely a statistical fluke, but if future data confirms this high value the implications are exciting as Silvia explains: "This could be the first evidence for a "disc" of dark matter in our Galaxy, as recently predicted by theory and numerical simulations of galaxy formation, or it could mean that the dark matter halo of our galaxy is squashed, boosting the local dark matter density."

    He is 99% confident with a 90% confidence level.
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    Thanks for pointing this article out!
    Here is a list of papers by Garbari and Lake et al.
    Several are or will be published in MNRAS
    Here is a link to one they posted in June:
    One of those mentioned in your Science Daily news item is apparently too recent to show up here but perhaps will in a few days.

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    No, pay attention:
    - "We are 99% confident that there is dark matter ..."
    - "... more dark matter than expected at 90% confidence."

    But of course if you expected no dark matter then it might sound like that.:wink:
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