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New X-Files, or spot-the-difference...

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    The 1st of the new 6-episode X-Files resurrection seemed promising. But,... is it just me or are they just getting boring by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th episodes?

    Also, can anyone spot the difference between David Duchovny and... a lump of timber?? o_O

    I always knew his acting was even more wooden than Nicole Kidman, but in this series the wood seems to have reached a state of fossilization... :oldruck:
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    To me, I think the new writers are from the Soap Opera genre, as opposed to Sci-fi.

    In Sci-fi, character traits are at least partially established again in each episode, with the intent that we can watch any one episode as our first and still enjoy the episode, though we can appreciate it more if we have been following along. Daytime serials however, rely heavily on our becoming attached to specific characters and tuning in to every episode to see what happens to them next.
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