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Newbie Sansevieria-here to learn

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    Hi, newbie member rye here. Looking to learn a thing or two. I've learned a thing or so about thermal dynamics within the kitchen, and figured I could learn... more dynamically...:woot: with access to this forum and its existing threads.

    About me..

    my thermal/insulating window treatments include a piece of cardboard covered with thin bubble wrap (from old ebay purchases) and mylar space/emergency blankets. They stay attached to the window with 3 small pieces of velcro.

    I know how to garden/landscape in shady areas with short growing seasons.

    I'd like to learn more about keeping a house or office building warmer and/or cooled down during seasonal extremes. I live close to the Canadian border along the Rocky Mountains in Montana where seasonal temperatures tend to skip fall and spring drop-offs.

    My degree is in Criminology, yea a soft science, but I none the less have a deep appreciation for scientific research methods, and will ask questions about exceptions to situational physical circumstances in threads that are new or recent.

    Thanks for all the information I'm sure abounds me.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums sansevieria. :smile:
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