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Newcomer with things to offer

  1. Nov 27, 2015 #1
    Hey guys. I just found this forum and I am pretty excited about it. I feel I really have a lot to offer and a lot to learn so I am excited to be here.

    I have a number of telescopes and love stargazing. I have written articles for magazines and have had images published in magazines as well.

    I am Joe.

    A few pics I have taken.

    This was with a Nikon D3200 DSLR. 300mm lens with as high of an f stop as possible. (I think it was like f-26). I had UV and polarizing filters on it. Partial solar eclipse back in November of 14. I was at fort rucker AL.


    one of my rigs. Orion sky quest. 12 inch objective with intelliscope navigation (I only use when I do public star parties)


    Jupiter of course


    I love all things astronomy. looking forward to learning from you all.
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    hey there Joe,

    welcome to PF :smile:
    good pix from you well done

    Tis good to see some one else experimenting and taking astrophotos
    There's several of us on here that are into serious amateur astrophotography
    and you are sure to get to know them as time goes bye
    some names ... Russ Watters, Andy Resnick, and myself to name 3 :smile:

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    Awesome. Thanks Dave. will be on the look out to get to know you guys and pick your brains and learn from your experience. While I do like to take pictures, I am more about simply observing (as I am sure most of you are). I am not a good photographer, but enjoy it. Either way, this forum will be good for me and I am sincerely happy I found it. I know I can learn a lot here. Which is a huge priority in my life.
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    Nice to have another stargazer here :)
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    I love it man. so glad to have found this forum.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Nice- when? I worked at Eglin AFB for a year (1998-ish) and visited Rucker to present a short course on IR techniques and countermeasures. I got a tour of the base and a few aircraft- I can't imagine piloting helicopters in good weather, never mind at night whilst being shot at....
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    awesome. Thanks for sharing. I was there for initial rotary wing flight training from Nov 2013 to about Jul 2015. I love it because of how technical it is. Not just about physically flying, but mental aspects as well. Like you are for familiar with yourself, we have know how all of the systems work and go into detail about it.
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