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Nonuniform mesh with the numerical method of characteristics

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    Could someone please direct me to a good book/article that describes how to use a coarse and fine spatial mesh with the numerical method of characteristics?
    Thank you.
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    The book Modern Compressible Flow: With Historical Perspective by John D. Anderson is good as well as Gas Dynamics by James E.A. John and Theo G. Keith.

    What are you using to write your code? Fortran, matlab?
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    Thanks for your suggestions!

    I'm using Matlab. I'm not sure how/if I should be moving the fine mesh as the characteristics move.

    Thanks again,
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    The main thing with characteristics codes is calculating the actual points. You have a normal rectangular grid to begin with and then you have you characteristic mesh and you have to go from you characteristics mesh (where the values are exact) to your rectangular mesh where the values become approximate.

    I wouldn't mind having a peek at your code when you're done.
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